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lyricist   Auteur/Compositeur   Musicien  
Pop   Rock   Spoken   Ska   Reggae   Rap   Country   Hip-Hop   Alternative   Funk   Special-Musique pour enfants   Indie   German Schlager  

Profil personnel

Hi! I am a experienced songwriter in different Genres (pop, reggae, rock, singersongwriter, hiphop/ rap). I write heartfully and fast. I can deliver ideas for chords, but prefer being focused on the lyrics. I can write in English and German as well. Just let me know if a text is missing for your instrumental and you will get quick response and insight of my imagination for your Song. When we get in touch with each other we can talk about conditions and what direction the song should and will take. I’m looking forward for new vibes and a good and efficient collaboration. I really love what I do, so I’m sure to find a way how you will get the work you expected. In my actual band KOLINAUT I am one of 2 vocalists ( usually I rap, sometimes I sing, off and on I shout) so if you’re searching for qualitative german pop band for some gigs instead , let me know. Profile picture: Niklas Scholz

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