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Graduated in Multimedia Production at Uni-BH college, with qualification in film and video, visual programming, games and project management. He studied Business Strategies for the Music Market - Sebrae-MG. He studied classical guitar and vocal technique at the Escola da Fundação Artística. He studied musical perception, solfege and physiology of the voice in the conservatory of music of the UFMG. Executive producer of the Festival Circuito de Parques, which is in its fifth edition. The event was awarded the International Carbon Free seal for having carried out environmental compensation and solid waste management practices with selective collection. He worked with the Brazilian Band 14 Bis, implementing MIDI technologies and providing musical and technological support to its members. In this period he participated in the recording of CDs by EMI-ODEON in Rio de Janeiro, where he recorded with Guilherme Arantes and Milton Nascimento. He is technical coordinator and professor of the Social Project Studio-School of Popular Culture for needy youth in Morro das Pedras. This project won the Brazilian Prize for Creative Economy of the Ministry of Culture.

Perfil de la empresa

QUAE is a Digital Distributor and Music Agency based in Brazil, which acts with promotion, circulation (shows), content production, management and distribution on digital music platforms, providing the complete development of the artist's career. We manage tour of foreign artists that want to enter Brazil and also promotion in Brazilian social networks, radios and press.