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"It's Not Strange"

  • Sep 11, 2013
  • Country
  • English
4.82 (98 Votes)
Main info
Genre Country
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Romantic
Voice male
Author Singer: Gale Breen
Song Description
Visiting the site and searching for rhyming words,I was drawn towards the word,"strange." This word prompted me to write the song.It's strange! Maybe not.
Author info
Author: Chalam
"It's Not Strange"
Votes and comments
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen 3/10/14 7:06 PM
"Dig it. Might dial back reverb on vox a couple ticks but that's it."
Gregory Dunnigan
Gregory Dunnigan 2/17/14 5:26 PM
"Very nice! But I believe a BRIDGE is needed to add more depth to your lyrics... Miyshu Yamaha"
David  Poyourow
David Poyourow 12/14/13 6:06 PM
João Leonardo
João Leonardo 12/13/13 6:43 AM
Christiane Veith
Christiane Veith 11/28/13 10:29 AM
Irwan Hisham
Irwan Hisham 11/15/13 10:43 AM
"good job...!!!"
Fathul Rahman Misbah
Fathul Rahman Misbah 11/14/13 12:01 PM
Sara Music2Deal
Sara Music2Deal 11/5/13 10:48 PM
helmut kohlpaintner michael schinkel
helmut kohlpaintner michael schinkel 11/3/13 6:09 PM
"beautiful song"
Eddy Gabler
Eddy Gabler 11/1/13 8:47 AM
"great song, chalam!"
Craig Pavone
Craig Pavone 10/30/13 8:43 PM
"Wonderful song!"
chang ming lv
chang ming lv 10/27/13 1:06 AM
"Good beautiful songs! In the morning, to hear such a beautiful song, and I feel great!"
Caleb Moultrie
Caleb Moultrie 10/24/13 7:25 PM
Orlanda Guilande
Orlanda Guilande 10/23/13 7:13 PM
stefan will
stefan will 10/20/13 10:22 AM
Steve Colin
Steve Colin 10/14/13 8:20 PM
"Very Nice."
Fred Rohan Vargas
Fred Rohan Vargas 10/14/13 6:01 PM
"Great melody and lyric."
Bosko Beuk
Bosko Beuk 10/14/13 2:40 PM
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 10/9/13 1:51 PM
Takis Moshovoudis
Takis Moshovoudis 10/8/13 11:19 PM

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