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Business Services   Singer Songwriter   lyricist   Record Label   Gaming   Film Producer   Recording Studio   Digital & Mobile   Vocalist   Agencies & Brands   Publisher   Distribution   Artist   Songwriter   Promotion   Media   Audio Engineer   Composer   Management   DJ   Music Producer   Film/TV   Education  
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For about three decades I was part of the graffiti movement aka street art, it is still a rebellious statement when considered an art form. I am considered legendary because of my early roots in NYC and paving the way for many artists who have entered the fellowship in that shape and form. Coming into the digital age I was late 20 years and stubborn in not wanting to cross over into the digital age. For 20 years into my musical career, I struggled with the promotion because of not taking advantage of the digital transition. For the past three years, I have been in college pursuing my Bachelors in graphic design and visual arts. It is also supported by back to back awards as well as honorary memberships to national societies for technical arts. I must admit those skills are the reason why I am able to even be compatible with social media. Other than just putting an image into a thread post, I am Jose Pause Carrero aka GhettoArtiz.

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Which is the motivation fueled by the emotions and ideas conveyed. I look to spread the love for peace since it is an age cold concept that is never favored. If war is death then let art be life loaded with paint as ammunition. Pause! as I want to absorb the painting around you and make you feel what I feel, see what I see, and then go spread the message. You will be subject to all mediums and materials explored from traditional to digital concepts of creating art. Leaving no stones unturned in further evolving art into the digital world with children pretending to be me as their influence.