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Soul Of Ears-Collide(Album)

  • Aug 14, 2019
    • Rock & Roll
  • Band
Soul Of Ears-Collide(Album)
  • Rock & Roll
Type Band
Country Hong Kong
  • English
  • Live
Soul of Ears - the trendiest EDM-core band from Hong Kong Combining elements of post-hardcore, pop punk, EDM or even gaming music, Soul of Ears is releasing their debut EP “Collide” on 17th of December 2016. The most exciting part of the band is their innovative style of music. No matter which genre you are into the most, you can always find something electrifying you in their music. With the debut performance in Heartown Festival 2016 in Taiwan, Soul of Ears established their significant image which impressed many. Preserving the heaviness of guitar riffs and screaming vocals from modern core music, and with the super catchy pop punk style chorus melodies, the Hong Kong band also injected a lot of EDM music elements into their tunes. Electro, trap, dubstep or trance can all be discovered upon listening to various tracks from the EP. Along with their emphasis on visual and lighting effects in live performance, you can definitely feel their colourful world. You would probably feel like head-banging in a nightclub, or sometimes gaming in a neon party with everybody bouncing in front of their computers… Soul of Ears will never cease to find brand new inspirations to add into their music, so as to present the audience a next-level experience of modern music culture. 2016.12.17 “Collide” EP grand premier at Taiwan, and available immediately afterwards on all digital platforms all over the world, recreating your concept on heavy music! IN SONIC WE UNITE!
6.Collide(ft.Eaven Chan)
5.Broken Birthday
4.S.O.E. Gaming
3.Victory belongs to you_4424
2.Can We Not Forget
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Achim Wierschem 8/14/19 8:53 PM
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Mario Christiani 8/14/19 2:27 PM
"Great Band!"