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  • Nov 21, 2017
    • Dance Electronica
  • Project
  • Dance Electronica
Type Project
Country Romania
  • English
  • Live
Biography Born on February 23rd 1991 in Fetesti, Villain begins his career by playing drums on various metal bands from the underground scene like Noise Reduction, Erase, Sincarnate, etc. In 2007 he formed an online-one man band, called Borg Borigm. He released eight EP's under this name until September 2012, when he ended the project, focusing only on music production. He founded Villain on December 10th 2012, and he started to work on his first EP under his new alias. He worked with names like Adrian Sina (Akcent), Amira, Aza, Lidia Buble, El Nino, Samurai, Y.N.K, Maich, Cristiana Dicianu, Kaira and many more, at the same time ghost-producing tracks for various Dance-Pop-EDM artists from Germany, Italy, USA, France and Switzerland. On the underground metal scene he has played on the same stage with names like Sepultura, Moonspell, Arkona, Cold In December, Taine, Ura De Dupa Usa. In August 2017, Villain added two new members, entitled Sine Nomine I (bass guitar) and Sine Nomine II (guitars). The trio is currently working on a new album, scheduled for release on April,2018.
Villain - Makidoo ft. Miru
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Calogero Alesci
Calogero Alesci 12/7/17 9:25 AM
"Excellent Quality of the sounds and vocals! I think i know the female voice, maybe i heard it in radio, but i don't know the artist name"
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 11/23/17 11:49 AM