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The band Maze Of Sound was created in 2012 and recorded its "Man in the balloon" EP in January 2013. On 7th November 2014, "Sunray" album of Maze Of Sound was released. It includes 9 pieces of melodious rock and progressive / alternative rock. Their stories take us to the world where fantasy collides with reality. Materializing characters of particular compositions, we meet Rain Charmer, Mysterious Witch, fly a dangerous balloon or cross the mirror ... Perhaps, some of us will find the way out of this maze of adventures, but others will stay for long ... Maze Of Sound’s concerts are very special. During live performance, we try to present so-called “rock theatre”. We use special clothes, masks and gadgets in order to make our concert more attractive. Fantastic Peter Gabriel, Genesis or Marillion are some of our inspirations, but we want to show our own style, sound and idea of Maze Of Sound. We pay a lot of attention to make our concerts something more than only a gig. We guarantee 100% of 2 hours live rock and theatre show. Since May 2017, we have been working with Music-Live Artistic Agency from Poland. The agency also works with and organizes concerts of many music stars, like Ray Wilson or Riverside: Since January 2017, we have had non-exclusive management and promotion in Smoothtown Entertainment Network from the USA: Since May 2015, we have had non-exclusive management, recording and promotion in London, England - Downtown Artists agency and we recorded our next two pieces in their legendary PlaySoho Studios (ex Berwick Street Studio) where David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Ringo Starr, Sex Pistols, Chemical Brothers and Bjork had recorded before. The singles will be released soon. In July 2016, we joined the roster of Six Degrees Entertainment booking agency from The Netherlands (non-exclusive) among such artists as Limahl, Johnny Hates Jazz, Living In The Box, Haddaway, Kim Wilde or Samantha Fox to name a few. However, we are looking for more non-exclusive management and concert booking. In August 2016, we joined the roster of Rough Rocker Production booking agency from Sweden (non-exclusive) among such artists as Pete Lincoln (Sweet) or Mick Wilson (10cc). In September 2016, we joined the roster of Red Lion Music agency from Germany (non-exclusive) among such artists as IQ, Coma 7 or Progstone. We are happy that more and more big booking agencies, agents and promoters want our band to join their roster and work with them. Our 'Man in the balloon' piece appeared on International 'Voices for Hospices' charity compilation CD among Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion) and in german Empire Music magazine CD: Maze Of Sound is in The Guinness World Records!!! Our new christmas 30 second long song 'Christmas Stream' (Jingle) is one of 111 songs on The Pocket Gods and friends '100xmas30' Christmas album which was noticed and appreciated by Guinness World Records as a digital album with the most songs on one album! On the album, you can find many artists, like a legend - Owen Paul!: In July 2015, we started nonexclusive cooperation with english radio promotion agency - Deuce Music which plays our music in over 30 radio stations worldwide (fm and Internet), inter alia in England, The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and more. Maze Of Sound has got its profile on MTV (Music Television Official Website): In March 2015, our 'Sunray' album was chosen Polish Album Of The Year 2014 by Progres Society in Poland: 'Sunray' is also chosen the fourth Best Rock Album in Poland 2015 by portal: Maze Of Sound played many concerts and festivals in Poland and abroad - England, Germany, Hungary and Lithuania. We are winners of polish Rockowanie Festival 2014 and Busko-Rock 2013. We also played at VIII Progressive Rock Festival 2014 (Gniewkowo), Jarocin Festival 2014, I Nowohucki Art Festival in Cracow or Tevo Gitara Festival in Rokiskis, Lithuania. We played together with such bands as Disperse, The Skys, PHI or The Convulsions. In October 2016, Maze Of Sound played at Lancaster Music Festival in England. OUR MUSIC: 'MECHANIC PEOPLE' - NEW ALBUM WHICH WE ARE GOING TO RELEASE SOON (WE ARE TALKING AND LOOKING FOR A LABEL TO RELEASE IT): 'MECHANIC PEOPLE' - THE FIRST SINGLE FROM OUR COMING NEW SECOND ALBUM (2017): 'MAZE OF SOUND LIVE DVD TRAILER 2015': 'SUNRAY ALBUM' (RELEASED IN NOVEMBER 2014): 'REFLECTION' VIDEO: 'MAN IN THE BALLOON' VIDEO: OUR NEW SINGLE 'MECHANIC PEOPLE' PROMO VIDEO RECORDED IN LONDON. ON 1ST NOVEMBER 2016, THE SINGLE WAS RELEASED IN DOWNTOWN ARTISTS MUSIC GROUP, LONDON, ENGLAND AND WORLDWIDE: 'MECHANIC PEOPLE' SINGLE ON SPOTIFY: MAZE OF SOUND - LIVE MIXER REGIONALNY FESTIVAL, POLAND 2016 - PART 1 AND 2: MAZE OF SOUND - LIVE CONCERT (2013): WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: