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Jazz Cartoon Band

  • Jul 10, 2019
    • Jazz
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Jazz Cartoon Band
  • Jazz
Type Band
Country Netherlands
  • English
  • Live
Jazz Cartoon Band is specialized in creating shows combining cartoons and Jazz & Latin music, performing video and music concerts. The band started to play in various festivals in the Netherlands in Europe from last year. These are unique events where the film is projected as Jazz Cartoon Band executes the Jazz music live. Each performance is completely unique because the music is almost entirely improvised and although the dramatic effect achieved in the film is duplicated, the organic aspect of the performance requires that the improvisational spirit must be left untouched. The film's music segments are transformed to Jazz scores consisting of many solo jazz improvisation performances by the Jazz Cartoon band. The score is arranged with a number of well-known Jazz music pieces. Several jazz compositions by Donghyung Kim and a Brazilian music composer Duda Almeida counterbalance the music composition by director Mimi Bak. This project can be introduced to all ages people who do not know Jazz music well. This cartoon called ‘Larva’, which started broadcasting on a cartoon TV channel in France after worldwide success in 120 countries and won 2 Animation awards at WAF Festival, Shanghai Festival. Jazz Cartoon Band has been producing its Jazz music concerts with a sponsorship from the TUBAn the company produced this cartoon and the CJ Cultural Foundation. The cartoon ‘Larva’ broadcast on NETFLIX. I am preoccupied with preparations for this concert tour and entering the music market. Therefore I would appreciate it if I could play in your concert hall/place. I hope you won't hesitate to ask any questions.
Jazz Cartoon Band
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