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Nadav Dagon

  • May 18, 2016
    • Techno
  • Solo artist
Nadav Dagon
  • Techno
Type Solo artist
Country Israel
  • English
  • Live
A rich experience of drumming diverse electronic beats, hundreds of parties on stages worldwide, and a great love for being aLIVE, has resulted in the solo project of drummer and producer NADAV DAGON. Dynamic, unleashed, is this live techno set with drums, samplers and many other toys create an endless playground, filled with sound, electronics and delicious bass. For more information:, and on YouTube: Our request? Booking agencies, record labels and festival organizers in Europe, US and South America, we seeking for you as business partner so let us hear from you! Promanago (foreign representitive/agent of Nadav Dagon) are also producing music events, as located in Tel Aviv, Israel and happy to discuss the possibilities of cooperating with our potential foreign partners.
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