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BJ Sam is a Writer and international Recording Artist who brings joy, brilliance and melody to the universe through his writing, and delightfully catchy music . His fans around the world refer to him fondly as “Sammy Wonder” due to his distinctive beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics. BJ Sam sings in English and French in order to appeal to people across the world and bring everyone in unison. The Album: SPOTIFY: DEEZER: iTUNES: AMAZON: Here are some of the great quotes received already: “What an emotive and powerful voice you have. Clearly talented.” Steve Williams, producer/engineer for Britney Spears, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones. “I’m quite amazed at BJ Sam’s writing, vocal & musical prowess & dexterity! … As I’ve already stated, he is an extremely talented musician/writer – the kind of guy who this world is just crying out to hear, for he is a force to be reckoned with”. DJ Paula Frost, Kane 103.7 FM. “I’ve listened to your tracks and I think they are arranged, produced and sung very well.” Eugenio Vicedomini, Flippermusic Italy Music Art Director. “What a most delightful sound! … B.J. Sam has created a song that is highly infectious – proving that he is an extremely talented musician/writer! … ‘Mon Amour’ has to be one of the most perfectly balanced songs that I have ever heard”. Wayout Radio UK Programmer. “Votre vidéo clip “Mon amour” est accrocheur”. Philippe Vannier, responsable Musique TV5MONDE France. “This is the most inspirational songs I’ve ever received. Sometimes people that make history long journey it very lonely … we need more people like you in the world to keep inspiring others to be great .. I will have songs in rotation let you know when playing.” Sentoria Green Owner LIVE 105.5 Mobile Radio | Los Angeles, California | The Green Room Radio Show. “We LOVE this song! We played it on The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy last night, and would really like to hear more from BJ Sam!” Bootsy, K-KID 92.9fm Missouri USA. Watch BJ Sam interview on ‘Stars Parade’ a musical program with over 80 million viewers worldwide on 3rd most available television network in the word ‘TV5Monde’ which is based in France! References Blue Pie Records New Music Weekly The Hype Magazines Lloyd Kaufman DJ Central TV The word “Love” is truly an apt description for the quality of BJ Sam’s newest release. His expertise and skill with the various facets of music shows his vast experience in the genres of pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop/Rap, Inspirational, Gospel and World Music. Over the years, you may have had many catchy songs stuck in your head, but this one is liable to top them all! The beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics will definitely break boundaries and leave the world in pure musical bliss. Here are a select few tracks on the album that are sure to become some of your new favourites. · “Nzambe Bolingo” – A new hit with such an alluring melody that you’ll be compelled to travel the world over to find the the composer. · “Show Some Love” – Encourages the world to embrace one another irrespective of our differences, colours, cultures and languages. As the lyrics say: “If we begin to show love, there’ll no reason to fight more war.” · “You Are Special, So I Am” is a beautiful English/French composition with a message to combat racism and discrimination in our society. · “Everything Will Be Fine”- A reassuring tune. No matter how many times you have failed, this song will pick you back up again. · “Hear The Angels Sing” is a new song that is an attempt to capture the voices of angels; a beautiful song with a pleasant melody. · “Mon Amour” is a beautiful melodic and rhythmic expression of true love. It was personally selected by the popular American film director Lloyd Kaufman as the Soundtrack for the recently premiered Hollywood movie, “Heart of Fatness”! videos: Official Links: • • • • • • • Email: Respect; BJ Sam

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Splendeeds - produces and sort out splendid compositions of all genres for TV shows, Movies, Adverts, game, CABLE, mobile phones, as well as other multimedia. We also Consult Top Artists all around the world for events & concerts. Also into music publishing, entertainment consultant, general publicity, stage management, music video directing, concert and event consultant. Our clients, partners and distributors include; Africori UK, Africa. DJ central Australia, Blue Pie Publishing USA, SOUND PRO MUSIC Canada, XerciseLab California, Russia. WACBIZ USA, Gateway Entertainment USA, Motion manager/film-server Austria and countless others. For more details Follow us on and email Splendeeds Splendeeds helps songwriters to distribute their songs globally and places their songs in movies, TV shows, adverts, video games and other multimedia. If you are an artist and want to be exposed to millions of fans, and potential customers, we provide services that can surely take you to the next level. we only deal with artists and Songwriters that we feel have potential, we don't provide our services to just any random person so please only share it with artists you feel are ready for such services scroll down read about Splendeeds Musiq and other contact list of Labels, Distributors and Promotional Services SEEKING for songs in USA & Europe Splendeeds Stage management.... Ensure Flawless, memorable events. by setting up perfect a technical rider, stage plan and sound before the arrival of guests etc to preventing the host, musicians, and MC from been distracted. Ensuring Uninterrupted photos, video recording, sound output during event. we supervise and ensure the stage is not been crowded. So all the audience will have a clear view of the presentations on the stage, We also Consult Top Artists, Music bands, DJs, heavy Bouncers, MCs & beautiful Models for your events. If you need a videographer or Photographer Splendeeds can also plug you in with the best for a good price. So if you need our services