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MISB Artiste, a division of MISB ONLIB MUSIC - Originally established in 2000 as an independent artist management company by Gary Ng & Kevin Ng. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MISB Artiste has evolved to become a unique and dynamic music services company run by a passionate and experienced team of music and marketing professionals. Music Management - From inception MISB Artiste took a 360° perspective to music management. We take a widescreen view of the industry and strive to be flexible, dynamic and forward thinking. We embrace new media and technology whilst not overlooking the importance of traditional tools. MISB Artiste´ expertise in artist development and music marketing is drawn from wide reaching experience working with artists, management, record labels, distribution, festivals and brands. Promotion & Marketing - MISB Artiste individually tailors every campaign to suit the project; planning marketing campaigns, creating promotional assets and identify key partners. We can engage a team of specialist print and online publicists, radio and TV pluggers or employ our own inhouse promotions department for press, radio and online depending on requirements and budget. Additionally our experience in artist management provides an informed approach to touring which can help make the most of an artists live presence within the market. Mission statement - Create excitement in new music and foster fans unwavering passion for music and artists both new and old. We value innovation, technology, the flow of information and the importance of timing. We aim to join the dots between artist, management, label, agent, publicist & plugger, publisher, distributor, retailer and the fans.