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Kate Thomas

  • Jun 25, 2019
  • female
  • United Kingdom
Kate Thomas
Artist name Kate Thomas
Age 37
Height 5"6
Weight 9st
Country United Kingdom
  • Jazz
  • English
Vocal education
  • Instrument
  • Vocal training
  • Stage experience
  • Studio experience
  • deep
  • rough
  • dark
  • Lead vocal
  • Recording
  • Business Services
  • Live
Powerful, expressive, flexible vocals with an irresistibly smooth tone. Kate specialises in jazz & blues vocals and has been compared to the likes of Billie Holiday, Eva Cassidy & Amy Winehouse. As a songwriter Kate was supported by PRS for Music back in 2017. Kate's lyrics are compelling, poetic and have the ability to make you both laugh and cry. My current work consists of; working regularly as a jazz singer and a session singer, I now write, record and perform my own music, I am also collaborating with other songwriters and producers on co-writes and sync projects.
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Ronaldo chagas
Ronaldo chagas 10/28/19 5:13 PM
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 9/30/19 9:13 PM
Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock 9/28/19 6:17 AM
Chalam +
Chalam + 9/8/19 10:43 PM
Lisa Deutschmann
Lisa Deutschmann 9/5/19 11:39 AM
"Stunning voice!"
E T 7/24/19 9:09 PM
Arnold  Wohler
Arnold Wohler 7/18/19 2:55 PM
"A nice voice and style."
Tim Gordon Menzel
Tim Gordon Menzel 7/11/19 6:53 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 7/11/19 11:57 AM
Geoff Rotunno
Geoff Rotunno 7/11/19 6:35 AM
Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 7/5/19 5:13 AM
Prasanna Ramaswamy
Prasanna Ramaswamy 7/2/19 9:23 AM
Rico Dawson
Rico Dawson 7/1/19 9:32 PM
Luis Miguel Sellanes
Luis Miguel Sellanes 6/29/19 6:56 AM
"Angel voice, Bravo!!"
Marilyn Oakley
Marilyn Oakley 6/27/19 2:09 PM
Yvonne Wilcox
Yvonne Wilcox 6/25/19 5:53 PM
"Very jazzy!"
Peter Fosso
Peter Fosso 6/25/19 3:59 PM