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Main activity
Music Producer
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English   German  
Record Label   Film Producer   Management   Publisher   Media   A&R   PR Agency   Remixer & Studio   Film/TV   Promotion  
Dance Electronica   House   Rap   Instrumental   Hip-Hop   Soundtrack   R&B  

Personal profile

Behind the pseudonym ROGER GLENMORE lies the Switzerland-based German producer, composer, manager and music publisher Rüdi F.-F. K. Eck. He has written, produced, promoted, managed and published more than 200 songs in over 30 years in showbiz. He also founded different record labels, including in the distribution of Sony. He was also active in the music industrie as successful A&R Manager, Marketing Manager and TV-Producer, and developed various tv fomates. Roger Glenmore even had the accreditation to cooperate with major international top stars in the music and movie industry. Today he brings all his experience and network together to provide young talents with a professional and successful international start to the business.

Company profile

With GC-Records and GC-Music, all previous labels and publishing houses the last decades (for example SONY / GlenmoreSongs, MAC-Music, Luckysong/SONY) are merging to a new brand. This makes them ideally suited to the challenges of modern distribution channels and media landscape.    GC-Records recruits international talents from live musicians and social media stars. In addition, a back catalog of the previous labels and productions (such as the deceased US actor and teeny star Corey Haim) is available. These are not only distributed via the worldwide acting stream & download portals but can also be distributed via the classic sales channels of a major sales force. The publishing house supports, promotes and establishes talented composers and lyricists.