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The Blues Mystery

  • Sep 12, 2016
    • Blues
  • Band
The Blues Mystery
  • Blues
Type Band
Country Switzerland
  • English
  • Live
After the international success of their first album the second one named „Diesel Rock“ shows even more spice and refinement. The lyrics continue the narrative threat and life is really pulsating within. Some songs to heat up, and when there’s enough tension, the concert ignites itself. Simply Diesel Rock or if you want blues-rock with a touch of funk. Their first album had a great response in the English speaking regions, with lots of Airplay in the USA, position 3 in the countdown of Radio Caroline and praise by the journal Blues Matters from the UK. Their concerts are the finest, be it in a club or on the stage of a festival. Willy Matt possesses the charm of a man, who hasn’t forgotten how to laugh despite all the blues lived. Shrewd he lights his cigar, and smokes it while playing guitar and singing at the same time. It feels again sometimes hard as the cliffs of the Alps, and just the same you can find tender flowers touching us.
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