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Fragglepop is Zyra Coopers solo project. Unlike her music, Zyras life makes some dark story telling. At the young age of 11, she found herself within the clutches of a man twice her age who exploited her for money by forcing her into child prostitution. To make her submissive he gave her heroin and soon she was hooked. A harrowing couple of years followed. „Had I not joined a punk band and screamed my head off at every possible occasion, I don’t think I would have gotten through that...“ Zyra grins, her gaze distant as she recalls the gigs, „I gave it my all, threw myself around the stage, got high and usually ended up passing out; but it was only during those gigs that I felt remotely alive...!!“ Aged 16, she escaped from her tormentor and got clean for the first time since she was 11.... Since then, apart from battling her addiction and the memories of those horrible years, she’s also worked on her music. „Music is brilliant on good days and a lifeline on the bad... it’s what keeps me sane“... Regarding her story, I am impressed at how authentic Zyra is, a true free spirit. Has she completely overcome her addiction? “Anyone wanting to know where I stand, should simply dig my most recent lyrics... it’s all in there...” As we talk I feel like I’ve known her for ages. Noone would guess the dark story behind her open, bubbly character. And just like Zyras personality, her music too is best described like this: Intensely charming edgyness!!

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