Actividad principal
Singer Songwriter
Language skills
Inglés   Francés  
Composer   músico   lyricist   Compositor de canciones   Vocalist  
Unclassifiable   Folk   Indie   Alternative   Chanson   Rock & Roll   Blues   Pop   Rock   Country  

Perfil personal

ALCHIMY IS A FOLK-FUSION TRIO a trio of authors, composers, interpreters, arrangers, multi-instrumentalists and singers. A Bran new song: Mars 2021, Some Miles Away: and 2 albums, Chercheurs d'Or: Beyond The Shades:​​​​​​​​​​ All rights reserved to ALCHIMY, ALCHIMY MUSIC, ALCHIMY MUSIC

Perfil de la empresa

ALCHIMY MUSIC IS A FOLK-FUSION SONGWRITERS TRIO: SOME MILES AWAY: COMPOSITIONS OF LYRICS AND MUSIC, RECORDING, MIXING MASTEURING BY ALCHIMY MUSIC TRIO SUCH AS: LOANE R: COMPOSER INTERPRETERS, SINGER, GUITARIST, MIXING AND MASTEURING NATHALIE S: LYRICISTS, COMPOSER OF VOCAL MELODIES AND SINGER, CÉLINE T SINGER AND VOCAL ARRANGEMENT, 2 other and previous albums mixed, masteuring and ISRC ready such are also on line on ou youtube channel and social network such as: Chercheur d'Or: 12 tracks such as 10 in French and 2 in English, Here one youtube Beyond The Shades: 10 tracks in English,​​​​​​​​​​​ All rights reserved to ALCHIMY, ALCHIMY MUSIC, ALCHIMY MUSIC