1. What is Music2Deal?

    Music2Deal is the exclusive Music Business Network – it combines a community to connect with other professionals from the music industry and a marketplace to make deals happen! There are thousands of professional members in the community who are able to discover and offer artists, music, licenses, and vocalists and to find new business contacts on an international level. Music2Deal has more than 20 local representatives.

  2. What does Music2Deal offer?

    Music2Deal offers various tools that enable you to build your network and build your business, promote your music, post your wants and opportunities for other members in the music business.

  3. Who can join Music2Deal?

    To join Music2Deal you need to be involved in the music industry: A&R executives from independent and major record companies, music publishers, agents, producers, managers, promoters, distributors and import/exporters from every music genre as well as for music buyers from other fields and industries, including advertising, video and game companies, film and TV producers. Your references are going to be checked at the registration process.

  4. Does Music2Deal have a Privacy Policy?

    Yes, you can find our privacy policy here.

  5. How do I change/update my profile?

    At Edit profile you can change your profile as well as your picture.

  6. How do I delete my profile?

    If you wish to cancel your membership, simply write us a quick email to info@music2deal.com. You will receive a confirmation after all your data has been deleted from our database.

  7. How do I change my e-mail address?

    At Personal Data you can change your e-mail address as well as your contact information.

Create Offers and Wants

  1. How do I upload my music?

    On Music2Deal, each song is part of an Offer. You can upload your music by creating an Offer as an artist, as a song, as a licensing or as a vocalist.

  2. Why can’t I create a new Offer?

    With a Basic Membership you can only have one Offer active. So in order to create more Offers you need to be a Premium member. To upgrade your membership, go to My Account and choose the membership you want. If you are a Premium member and you have reached the maximum number of 5 offers, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium Plus (25 Offers) or Premium Executive (50 Offers).

  3. Why can’t I upload my pictures?

    Make sure the image file is in .jpg format and doesn’t exceed the maximum size of 20 MB.

  4. Why can’t I upload my songs?

    Ensure that the music file is in .mp3 format and doesn’t exceed the maximum size of 20 MB. Additionally, make sure you haven’t reached the maximum number of Offers you are allowed to upload according to your membership plan.

  5. How do I create a "Want"?

    Just click on "Post Want" in the section you wish to find what you’re looking for. This could be for an artist, for a song, for a license, for a vocalist or for a business. You have to write your Want in your local language and also in English so that Music2Deal members from other countries can read it.

  6. What do I have to do if I want to offer the same song as a license, a song, and for an artist?

    As our section have different purposes you need to create an "Offer" in each category and you have to upload the song to each section separately. Moreover you need to add different information in each section.

  7. How can I activate my Offers again?

    You can activate your Offers by clicking on "Activate" on the Offer. Offers are moved offline when a person’s membership decreases to a Basic Membership. Please note that you need to be Premium member to have more than 1 Offer active on your profile.

  8. How do I edit/delete an "Offer" or "Want"?

    You can edit or delete an Offer by selecting it and clicking on "edit" or "delete" in the column on the right. You can edit the text, music, and your photos.

  9. How can I share my Music Offers and my Wants?

    You can always share your Music Offers and Wants - just click on them and use the "share" button. For automatic sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter click here.

Matching Tool

  1. How does the Matching Tool work?

    Our technology analyzes each Offer and Want created by our members, and the details that are specified, and then automatically displays any relevant Wants and Offers. If you do not currently have any Offers or Wants online, you will still be shown any relevant Business Matches according to your profile information.

  2. Where can I see my matches?

    Here you can see your latest matches to your business (profile), offers and wants. All existing matches can be seen by clicking on your offer or want. All Matches for your business (profile) could be seen here.

  3. Too many or too few matches?

    If there are no matches shown to your business (profile), Offers or Wants, your information may be too specific. Try it with fewer requirements. Conversely, if there are too many matches shown, you may wish to be a bit more specific, so you can see more relevant results in what you’re looking for or offering.

  4. Example of a Match

    If an artist in the U.S. posts a Want that he is looking for a manager in the UK, all relevant managers will be displayed on his Want page and all relevant managers will also see his Want in their profile matches. If a publisher posts a Want that he is looking for an up-tempo hip-hop song in English, all relevant songs will be shown on the page of this Want and all members who are offering such a song will see this match at their corresponding song Offers.

Membership and Pricing

  1. Where do I find details about the Membership plans?

    Just click on My Account. If you are not yet a member of Music2Deal, click on Rates. There you’ll find details about each of the different Membership plans including pricing.

  2. Which membership do I have when I sign up for Music2Deal?

    When you sign up for Music2Deal you automatically receive a Premium Membership for one month for free. One way to continue this membership is simply by signing up 2 new business friends each month, otherwise the Premium Membership ends after one month and becomes a free Basic Membership. Or, you can upgrade your membership and buy easily credits.

  3. How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

    Just go to My Account and select the type of Premium Membership you want.

  4. Is there a term?

    There is no term for Basic and the Premium Membership plans. The Premium Membership plan automatically ends after one month if there are not enough Credits on your account or if payment has been made. In that case, it becomes a Basic Membership plan.

  5. Which methods are there for paying for my Membership?

    For all Premium Membership plans, you can choose one of two methods; either manual payment or subscription. The choice of payment method doesn’t affect the price or the functionality of Music2Deal. Membership payments are paid in advance.

  6. Where do I find the payments I’ve made to Music2Deal?

    You can view any payments you have made to Music2Deal here.

  7. What happens if a debit payment fails?

    If a debit payment fails for your subscription or you don’t have enough ‘Credits’ to pay for your Premium Membership, your music offers will be deactivated and you’ll be notified. As soon as you have obtained enough Credits or have made payment correctly, you can easily reactivate your Offers.


  1. What are Credits?

    Credits are the intern currency we use at Music2Deal. 100 Credits = 1.00 EUR. You need Credits to upgrade your account from Basic to any Premium account.

  2. How can I gain Credits?

    You can purchase them or get Credits free by inviting friends in the music industry to Music2Deal. Invited friends have to be accepted by the Music2Deal team – as is the procedure for every registration within our network. You receive 250 Credits for each friend accepted. You can also gain 20 Credits each time you vote (not anonymously) on another member’s music offers and when your music offers are voted by other members you receive 4 credits for every star. Purchase Credits here.

  3. Why should I invite my friends to Music2Deal?

    By inviting new people to Music2Deal, you are credited with 250 Credits for each one that’s accepted. Moreover you extend your network for more opportunities.

  4. Why haven’t the friends I invited been taken into account?

    In order to take your friends into account, Music2Deal has to accept their registration first. This process can take several hours or days.

  5. What happens if I invited more friends than I needed to?

    Fortunately, your Credits stay in your account until you use them. If you invited more friends than you needed they will be taken into account for the following month(s).


  1. How often will the charts be updated?

    Every Wednesday at 12:00 (UTC) our charts are updated automatically. 

  2. On what are the charts based?

    The charts are generated by the votes of the offers. There needs to be a minimum of 3 votes on a particular music Offer. Results are based on the average number of votes over the last months.