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The Imaginary Suitcase

  • Jul 23, 2020
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  • Solo artist
The Imaginary Suitcase
  • Alternative
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Type Solo artist
Country Belgium
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Laurent Leemans' stage avatar THE IMAGINARY SUITCASE is best described as bluesy-folky-weirdy singer-songwriter that strives to find the perfect balance between the streamlined melodies of Suzanne Vega, Paul Roland, Lloyd Cole and The Smiths on one hand, and the uncomfortable rasping sounds of 16 Horsepower, Ani DiFranco, Patti Smith, Rowland S. Howard or Hugo Race on the other. Soulful and ultra melodic songs built round a deep and versatile voice at times caressing, at times ominous, deceptively simple (electric/acoustic) guitar chords, and often sarcastic lyrics about life, death, and the confusing bits in between, brought with passion, radical honesty and some silly banter between songs. That's what you might expect. Started in 2012, The Imaginary Suitcase has released nine self-produced records and played about a hundred and fiftysomething live shows all across Belgium, Northern France and the Netherlands. To be continued. On stage n a near future?
The Imaginary Suitcase - Driftwood
The Imaginary Suitcase - Demain est un autre jour
The Imaginary Suitcase - Bella ciao
The Imaginary Suitcase - Plastic
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