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Moruvumi Band - Jiboner Srote

  • Sep 22, 2014
  • Rock
  • other
Moruvumi Band - Jiboner Srote
Main info
Genre Rock
Language other
Tempo down-Tempo
  • Sad
Voice male
Author Moruvumi Band
Release date 2013
Release artist Moruvumi Band
Song Description
"Jiboner Srote" is the title song of the Band from Bangladesh named "Moruvumi" . its a sad romantic song . u can visit Moruvumi's fan page here and know the detail -
Author info
Fan Page : Moruvumi loves Rock music and want to promote quality music at the grass-root and spread the sound of passionate music Not only in Bangladesh But also All Over the World. They strongly respect the traditional and mainstream wave of their country; yet want to add some flair to the existing melody. Aim is to bring some Accurate but unique melodious sounds In the History of Music . The band has promising talents in it. In june 21, 2013 Moruvumi released their much awaited first solo-album “Jiboner Srote” Before they had achieved this feat, their popular track “Protikkhar Prohor” (2009) was out on radio only and is much appreciated by the audiences. They are working on many songs and preparing for releasing the second album. Besides that, they are regularly performing at many live shows. Moruvumi is very much thankful to their fans for the unending success of the band so far
Moruvumi Band - Jiboner Srote ( জীবনের স্রোতে ) - 01 Jiboner Srote ( জীবনের স্রোতে)
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Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 1/20/17 5:12 PM
"very nice song and vocals, the voice is a little harsh on "S" & ""T", so I would recommend a De-Esser to make it less sharp"