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  • Jul 26, 2017
    • Folk
    • Pop
  • Solo artist
  • Folk
  • Pop
Type Solo artist
Country Austria
  • German
  • English
  • Live
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  • Business Services
I am a semi-professional singer from Salzburg (Austria). I produce together with the company Xtension Productions OG (Website: an album. Release-Date will be next year. I composed 11 songs for the album (Genre: POP). I am looking for companies that want to support the project (label, promotion, whatever). Please only true offers. (Don't waiste your and my time: I am not paying for any "incredible offer")
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AlphaMastering  - Alphakustik
AlphaMastering - Alphakustik 7/17/20 8:41 AM
"toller Song!"
Peter Herynek
Peter Herynek 11/11/17 5:24 PM
"Sehr cool !"
Frank Schauer
Frank Schauer 10/13/17 8:12 AM
Friedhelm HOLZ
Friedhelm HOLZ 10/8/17 3:09 PM
christine reinold
christine reinold 10/1/17 2:47 PM
André Schlüter
André Schlüter 9/23/17 4:57 PM
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 8/25/17 6:44 AM
Frank van Doorene
Frank van Doorene 8/23/17 7:11 PM
"Stunning song beautifully performed"
Luigino Sarcone
Luigino Sarcone 8/3/17 1:46 PM
cesli vane
cesli vane 7/30/17 11:48 AM
"Nice flow of pristine-expressive voice@musical accompaniment - good luck4u!"
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 7/29/17 11:41 AM
"Viel Glück und Erfolg für das Album !!"
Prasanna Ramaswamy
Prasanna Ramaswamy 7/27/17 1:11 PM
"Too nice to be true"