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Hy guys, my name is Alexia Bruke, i come from Austria, Linz. I make my own music, including the lyrics, compositiones and singing. If you ask yourself why she is doing this, I can tell you. I want to realize my full potentia, inspire and sitmulate people to think about different issues and opinions. It happens a lot in the world and I think it´s really important to have targets, to believe in yourself and do the things you really want to do. My inspirations are my life, my experiences, daily life, working life, opportunities for people i different areas. Some musicians inspire my Lyrics and melodies, like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Kanye West, Eminem and so on. Follow me on Youtube: Alexia Bruke So my way of life is: Keep it real & Never pretend. Yours, Alexia Bruke

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